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July 24th, 2019

Beyonce NO! Yes Please Bloomingdales! Why I am so divided.


I had to take this discussion on to my youtube channel to give a Fashion in Five series on the topic due to new news that added to my thoughts already about Beyonce and an Intellectual Property issue. Watch my video on youtube to find out more here.

I am also excited that we will talk about IP and Cultural Appropriation a topic we will cover in the Fashion Africa Conference this September (book here) so do make sure to get your tickets aight!

But for today I want to break it down in relationship to you and your business.

The contrast between showcasing Africa for popularity and as a general campaign whilst trying to reflect back on “the good” as I see it from Beyonce’s perspective, versus making sure your business is bringing money and trade to Africa as the Bloomingdales Style Kingdom Carousel presentation showcasing and selling African fashion.

NOW before the Beyhive followers reply back with aBEYuse to me (i know ..terrible right) please do hear a sister out. I am here to equip and empower you in building your fashion business in Africa so I have the best in mind.

So being Authentically African and making sure your business brings trade to Africa is what differs your business to any other fashion business.

Yes Beyonce worked with African artists on this album (mind you the big names mainly in the industry – Tiwa Sawage, Wizkid, Yemi Alade etc etc), yes she paid homage to Africa with some cultural references and yes she wore Tongoro made in Dakar brand pictured, in her newly released videos.

BUT what I loved about Bloomingdales is that they recognised that yes Lion King is a film related to Africa ultimately. They chose to do a pop up in their shop taking their influence as a HUGE conglomerate retailer and to showcase and sell an aspect of Africa that is not so hugely spoken enough about and that is fashion. They sold .. yes .. the popular brands…but the brands they chose are those that are made in Africa too. Laduma – South Africa, AAKS – Ghana, Studio 189 – Ghana and Burkina Faso.

This story of authentic African brands is what I want to leave with you. Whether you go down the Beyonce route or the Bloomingdales route..make sure your brand speaks Africa, and gives back to Africa through the people you are working with.

SO my mini rant over…one may say…now what? For those who agree, what do you do next?

You can reflect on your marketing, make sure your brand story is making Africa the hero of the story and above all give respect and kudos to the makers and present their work in the best element so focus goes on them the story the product over you.

Wait…we are all here to build an African fashion business right?

Just in case I got it wrong.

Now I want to help you to do this this month in two different ways. I have the best solutions that can help you once and for all. 

1) Our new summer school edition of our group coaching program F.A.B – 12 weeks of trainings, tools, support and connections to African suppliers so you can finish up with suppliers and samples. F.A.B Summer School is kicks off for August and there is a slot with your name on it 

Deadline to book a call is July 28th and we start Aug 4th. no time as good as now.  The only time you have guaranteed. If you are reading this after July do get in touch anyway!

2) Our trips to Africa – F.A.S.T (fashion africa sourcing trips) to take you right up close to meet with suppliers on the ground.We go to Ghana this October and half the spots are gone already on that, and we have spots free on our Kenya trip we go in November. Book your call to discuss further about payment plans and what is involved.

So there is NO WAY you cannot have success this year. Pick one of the above and let’s get going this summer.

So grab opportunity by the hand and choose to take up a unique once in a lifetime opportunity to join our programs that will support you in taking your business from a concept to a design idea to production so you can


So let me ask you why would you put off improving your business? If you are  stuck in one area and you can’t move froward and help is being offered, maybe packaged in a way you are not used to then the only thing stopping you is you

SO who is in? 

Do reply back and let me know if that is you.

Remember this is the #yearofreturn and the #africanfashion market is waiting to do business with you and for you.

So book your call with me and let’s build business that builds TRADE WITH AFRICA not AID FOR AFRICA.

And I look forward to welcoming you to doing business in Africa this year.


Remember these tips are just the “tip” of the iceberg really when it comes to doing business responsibly and sourcing sustainably. Every Friday is our Fashion Business Friday series, and Sunday our Source Sunday series where I will be sharing with you more tips on sourcing in Africa. Do make sure to keep an eye out for your inbox weekly for these insights.

Need more active help with sourcing better in Africa? Then you can book a call with me at to work closely on your sourcing strategy as a means to accelerate your business forward.



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