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February 20th, 2012

Baffs Clothing Company to attend Ethical Fashion Show – Paris – Brand PROFILE

Baffs is quoted to be “a beautiful form of expressing the African Spirit through fine clothes”. The “Baffs” brand aims at creating clothes that fulfil the needs of consumers by providing stylish and fashionable apparel, while contributing positively to Africa’s growth and development.

Why – to engage in changing Africa and the African’s future by our actions.

How – by sourcing their t-shirts from Africa, thereby contributing to the development of trade, supporting employment, better living conditions and sustainable growth in Africa.

What – Baffs offers its hip, savvy and socially conscious consumers, fashionable t-shirts sewn by Africans using 100% African Cotton.

baffs clothing company logo

With the launch of our African cotton tee campaign we aim to highlight those who have a similar focus. We therefore spoke with the Baffs team as we wanted to know in more depth why they do what they are doing. Check out our interview with Ade Durojaiye to find out more.

AFG – What inspired you to use sustainable cotton for your teeshirt line?

Ade – I have always been an environmentalist so the choice to use sustainable cotton was very easy. I knew what it meant to us (humanity as a whole) and the environment.

AFG – How important is Africa in relation to your business?

Ade – Africa is very important to the Baffs Brand. Africa was always on my mind, I wanted to do something for Africa, I wanted to be part of the change however little that was. I knew that of the many problems facing Africa, trade was one of them. I also knew trade was a powerful way to free ourselves from a position of helplessness. 

I remember a visit to Kenya a few years back where I met a professor who during our discussion mentioned with sadness the fact that a neighbouring country served Imported English Tea at an event he had attended when they could have served an African sourced tea. He highlighted the unfortunate truth about the poor level of trade between African Countries. So when Baffs was born, I wanted to source all our raw materials from Africa. I wanted to contribute to trade within Africa. At the moment only our packaging is done outside Africa but we are working to change that.

AFG – What message are you aiming to portray to the fashion industry in what you do with your label?

Ade – Our aim is to portray Africa in a positive light through our label. We want to spread the good things about Africa because frankly 95% of the news currently sold to the world about Africa is negative. We want to raise awareness about the African people and culture. We do that through our designs.

AFG – What are your plans for product development? What new lines styles and features are you planning into your label in the neat future?

Ade – We plan to add more products in the future, more variety on the cuts/styles, for example tank tops, long sleeved t-shirts and children?s clothing but for now we are focusing on making sure everything we have until now is perfect and acceptable to our customers. 

AFG – Do you see African as a viable region for sourcing for fashion and textiles?

Ade – African fashion and textiles have come a long way. It is now in the main stream, although there is still a long way to go in every aspect. To answer your question, I would say yes, sourcing from Africa is a viable option. For us, there is a lot more positives in going to Africa for our raw materials.

AFG – What would you say to anyone out there starting up a label using sustainable and or African sourced materials?

Ade – My advice to anyone out there starting up a label using sustainable and or African sourced materials is to do your research, go for the best quality possible and know why you are going down that route, because your decision to go unconventional would be tested. The ‘WHY’ must be strong.

baffs clothing company


baffs clothing company

The Baffs clothing brand will be exhibiting their range of t-shirts Made in Africa from 100% Organic African Cotton at the Ethical Fashion Show Paris.

The three day event takes place in March 2012 from 2 – 4 at the Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris. Now in its 8th year the show will bring together designers – who create fashion respectful to mankind and the environment – from all over the world.

ethical fashion show march 2012

Unlike other trade shows, exhibiting at the Ethical fashion show comes with some requirements. The Baffs clothing brand had to go through a screening process which covered proving all ethical claims and highlighting the various policies of the company in relation to humanity and the environment.

“Getting a spot on the show was very important to us because we believe the Ethical Fashion Show is an ideal platform for us to have our legitimacy better recognized in the ethical fashion field” said Ade Durojaiye, the director of the company.

Baffs Clothing offers a range of graphic t-shirts in male and female styles.

“Each design says something about Africa, it’s people and culture. Most of what is portrayed about Africa is negative. We don’t like that, so we use our t-shirts to present Africa and all things good about it to the world” Ade said.

Check out their website: /

For more info you can contact: Ade Durojaiye at

Read more on the Ethical Fashion Show in Paris here

Author: Jacqueline Shaw



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