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September 3rd, 2013

ART/C from Marrakech to Addis Ababa to Explore an ‘Immortal Africa’

ART/C, the brand, was born from Moroccan/Isreali designer Artsi Ifrach who lives, works and creates in Marrakech who recently attended Ethiopian Fashion Week 2013 to showcase 20 years of African trade and fashion amongst Ethiopian designers.

ART/C has shown previously with big name designers at Paris Couture week but wanted, we guess, to bring it all home to  the continent. So he collaborated with photographer Laila Hida on a visual celebration of African creativity.

His work is deeply emotive yet has a simple principle that is inspired by the fabrics, prints, textures and people of Africa. He collects stacks of fabrics, raw materials and old metals to create irresistable pieces for this beautiful almost magical collection.

Trendland describe his recent invitation to Addis Ababa to represent Morocco for a fashion show celebrating twenty years of African trade as his opportunity where “he discovered this “jungle city” with its tropical trees, shanty neighbourhoods, and stormy weather which have been perfect for photo shoots as it represents an immortal Africa.”

Interesting description but either way we love the styling and mishmash of prints in this collection, don’t you?



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