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August 14th, 2012

Are you an African Shoe / Bag Designer? Opportunity to Showcase in Tokyo Boutique!

Callout to designers!

Petra A. Laptiste, Founder & Creative Director of Gye Nyame Japan wants to see the African & Caribbean fashion diaspora make a positive mark on Japan. She has been working closely with her client, Lil Limo boutique, in Tokyo since 2007 to bring African and Caribbean designs to Japan. The store owners Atsuko and her husband Aki have been running Lil Limo for over 10 years and will be having a SS13 fashion showcase in mid- October.

Their clientele are women 25-45 who prefer unique urban fashion from around the globe. Atsuko has made strategic connections with major Japanese retailers like Isetan, Seibu, Mitsukoshi, Takashimaya and others.

In October she’s inviting 30 buyers from these stores to her boutique for a cosy evening to introduce them to new designers. They are looking specifically for SHOES and HANDBAGS for this event and these must have country of production (made in…) and materials (cotton, leather, etc.) information.

Orders will be taken the evening of the showcase and afterwards (November to April). You will be expected to fill the orders within 4 weeks of receiving your orders. That means arriving in Japan within that period. Japanese are extremely demanding and strict on punctuality and if the supplier (us) make mistakes it is a million times worse than them making the error. Reputation is key and can be broken very easily.

Petra of Gye Nyame Japan

Correspondence will be made only through Petra at this point to make things easier on all sides so contact her at

They will try to accommodate as many items as possible but cannot guarantee that any orders will be made. If you or any designers you know are interested please email her with the following:

1. Your current lookbook
2. Wholesale prices
3. Production time

Partipation fee per designer: $100 USD and can be paid via Paypal/Western Union/Moneygram Payment.

Deadline: September 31

Sound like something  you are interested in? Then don’t delay to get in touch.

Read more about Petra and her work in Tokyo here in an article we featured her in.

And her blog site here:



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