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November 20th, 2014

“Afro Shoes” – Supporting African Shoe Manufacture – Made in Africa

Afros is a innovative footwear fashion house  founded in June 2012 by designer Emo Rugene out of a yearning to create a fashionable every day shoe that Kenyans can identify with and make their own.

Made out of Ankara fabric, the shoes embody the eclectic vibrancy that is resilient in bourgeoning Nairobi urban cultures.

With designs that are local with an Afro centric aesthetic, Afros are a popular accessory amongst the hip and trendy in Nairobi. It is a fashion must have for anyone who considers themselves fashion forward and was posted by UP magazine Kenya as one of the top ten perfect gifts to get someone for Christmas.


Emo Rugene is a shoe designer, model and actor with a BA in International Relations from United States International University. He used to play football for most of his life but after many injuries and surgeries he decided to pursue his second love… fashion.

Starting out as a stylist for African fashion house Blackbird Jeans he’s worked on numerous fashion events, music videos and photo shoots for both corporate clients and individuals. Some of the clients include, Nokia, Yellow Moon and Blackbird Jeans. He has also worked with artists such as Antoneosoul and Fena and many young professionals. Afros was a natural progression for him birthed from a desire to express his fashion sense in shoes that he loves so much.

The shoes are hand crafted out of a workshop on River Road, Nairobi. Every shoe takes time in the production process so that the customer gets the satisfaction and feeling of perfection when the purchase a pair. All the materials used on the shoes are sourced locally. This is because Afros is a Kenyan brand geared towards helping the Kenyan market hence we support the local textile industry.

The new design in line is called The Hessian collection where shoes will be made out of recycled Gunia (Swahili for sisal sacks)…Emo the designer behind it says that this is his most ingenious design yet. There are so many people who see the ‘gunia’ and think that it is for making sacks but this collection is going to blow all of them away. The material is durable and comes in a wide array of colors so the new collection will still maintain the Afros identity of standing out. The shoes are for people who want to be seen and make a statement and this new collection is still going to do that and give it an edge also.




Afros have been featured in The Daily Nation, The Standard newspaper, Star Newspaper, People Newspaper, Drum magazine, Healthy woman, Up magazine and numerous blogs. Last year Afros also had the chance to be on the Runway at the Festival for African Fashion and Arts (FAFA) in collaboration with Kiko Romeo, a powerhouse in Kenyan Fashion.

Check out the website here for more information



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