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December 28th, 2011

Africa’s Change makers: The Global Bag Project

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Written by: Jacqueline Shaw
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Let us introduce you to the Global Bag Project; a Kenyan based brand producing re-usable, sustainable, fashionable and a good cause to boot. The bags are re-usable thanks to the traditional Khanga cloth it is produced with. Khanga is a light cotton known to Central and East Africa used for mainly female dress and is usually available in a selection of bright colours.

The word ‘khanga’ is derived from a Kiswahili verb ‘ku-kanga’ to wrap or to close. Just like kanga dresses the bags are designed in an array of vibrant prints complete with the Global Bag Project logo. The fact that the bags are manufactured from cloth is an advantage, it means no plastic bags need to be used when shopping for groceries or carrying any light goods. Plastic takes far longer to decompose, is not as likely to be re-used, and is therefore more hazardous to the environment. On the other hand kanga cloth is stronger, stylish and can be used repeatedly.


image courtesy – The Global Bag Project

The aim of the Global Bag Project is to finance micro-credit loans which help local entrepreneurs support their families with small businesses, provide basic amenities and send their children to school. Micro-credit finance has a good reputation so far, with 96-98% of people repaying their loans weekly or monthly. Many workers of the project hail from the Kibera slum -o ne of the largest in Africa – and are either HIV/AIDS positive and are still managing their jobs despite this. They are entitled to a fair wage and can this allows them to provide for their families.

“When you buy a bag you are feeding and preserving family.”

Included in the bags is a DVD which introduces some of the producers of the bags and more Global Bag Project designs.

image courtesy – The Global Bag Project

When you buy this Reusable Shopping Bag from the Global Bag Project You provide income For African women who make these African print bags. Purchases from the Global Bag Project, will provide income for women of Africa who desire work to support their families. Let your church, company, civic organization, club, school, university, family or other group reach out, make a difference and invest in the lives of vulnerable women determined to provide for their children while lifting themselves out of poverty. Remember these families every time you use your Eco-Friendly, African Reusable Shopping Bag.

image courtesy – Global Bag Project
image courtesy – Global Bag Project

image courtesy – Global Bag Project

If you are thinking about giving someone a gift anytime soon, consider having a Global Bag Project handmade African bag with a lovely ribbon for a pretty presentation. These bags are made of African women who are working to feed their family. You can help the Global Bag Project by simply buying a bag as gift to yourself or for another (or you can also make a donation). The money will go towards micro-credit finance loans.

The other option of donation allows you to assist the project by donating money towards a new sewing machine, priced around $200. Sewing machines help teach the women new skills in quality control so that they produce the best quality bags possible.

image courtesy – The Global Bag Project

Global Bag Project designer Beach bags are made with the desire to change lives, one family at a time. You can also fly out to Kenya and use your expertise to support the Global Bag project.

For further details about this, visit their website:

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Author: Remi Apata-Omisore



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