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June 28th, 2020


“Doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways.”

This was something that my guest from this weeks youtube interview said and I think it’s extremely fitting for the work she is doing in Africa for its fashion and textile industry.

Mariama Carama of Mariama Fashion Production shares insights on running a business in Africa working with 1000s of African artisans and creating textiles using traditional techniques. See youtube video here.

Every Thursday I upload a new video to our Youtube channel as I truly believe these video series are a great way to share more easy digestible content with you. I deliver series such as our Fashion Business in Africa training series as well as our FASHION AFRICA VOICES interviews with businesses doing work on the ground in Africa as well testimonials, and also share our event videos and more!

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This weeks video links to our instagram page where all month I have highlighted a series focused on African textiles, showcasing that this is so much more than the wax print offering many of us know, maybe love or even maybe hate. 

In this weeks Fashion Africa Voices interview I share with you HOW MARIAMA of MARIAMA FASHION PRODUCTION inspired by the matriarchs of her family who worked in textiles and handmade products, began to work with woman tie dyers in Kindia a region of Guinea. Following her passion, Mariama became the first Guinean to showcase the work of Guinean women tie-dyers from Kindia in the international market to START AN AFRICAN PRODUCTION AND TEXTILES BUSINESS.

That’s right… go get ready to have your mind expanded over the possibilities! 

If you are debating the feasibility of actually starting up yourself in Africa then Mariama’s story will truly inspire you AND give you very valid insights to what to expect and how to have success.

Watch and hear the full interview here

Grab these insights to support you as you get set to grow your African fashion business or even to start up today in Africa. 

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