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August 5th, 2014

African Creative Collective x ASOS Market Place – BOUTIQUE

African Creative Collective is pleased to announce the launch of its’ boutique on ASOS market place. The boutique consists of designs from designers of African origin or with a link to Africa e.g production on the continent, fabric bought from the continent etc with International appeal.
African Creative Collective Team (The ACC team), led by award winning fashion PR Arieta Mujay, brings together a wide range of experience in various fashion sectors. From Brand strategy marketing and Pr, buying to styling, blogging, E-commerce and retail. In addition to the experience in these sectors, the team brings together a fun creative atmosphere where ideas are generated constantly with the main focus on the promotion and nurture of African creative talent.
ACC aims to show African fashion in its diversity with pieces that are trend led, UNIQUE and fashionable at affordable prices. From crop tops to bomber jackets, dresses to printed suits, the ACC boutique aims to provide pieces that will work in pre-existing wardrobes. Fashion from the continent has been pigeon-holed into the wax print and as much as the wax print is widely used, there are other indigenous fabrics as well as plain fabrics used to produce garments. ACC aims to work on dispelling this myth by providing on trend fast fashion made from a variety of fabrics from Africa.
ACC Shop on ASOS Marketplace features young designers from Africa. Taglined “From our streets to yours” ASOS Marketplace is the place where anyone, anywhere in the world, can sell fashion, to anyone, anywhere in the world. Boutiques are small businesses selling their own label, other brands or vintage collections, directly to you and there are thousands of individuals just like you, selling their wardrobes to fund their next fashion fix.

Under the ACC banner Arieta says she “handpick and work with 6 young designers (apparel, jewellery, shoes and accessories) to sell their pieces on my platform on ASOS Marketplace (a boutique that sells cool African fashion from the young design talent).”

All pieces are limited Edition: Only 10 – 15 pieces of Each product will be produced.

Brands currently signed up to the ACC X Asos Market place boutique include, Chichia, Kenema, Babatunde, Fatherduck and Josh&Nicol. More brands will be added every other month, with product refreshed every 4-6 weeks.
Check it out asap and get shopping!
For more information or any enquiries please contact



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