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August 1st, 2020

African Craft Subscription Box Business started in 12 weeks by Mother of Two | TESTIMONIAL

WOW can you believe it is August already! Eeek… time flies hey and opportunities are literally jumping our way. If you can just see it!

Let me explain briefly …

See below this photo…this is Comfort (one of the amazing members in my Fashion Africa Membership club also known as theFAMILY) sitting with her beautiful daughter Hannah..
…whom along with her son and her hubby she has a big WHY she started a subscription box business.  (SEE pics of her box below)
She built it during the May cohort of my WAXBiB program and she launched it August 1st on BlackPoundDay.
Comfort is a mum.

A wife.
She also has another business – a fashion label.

She also sells textiles from her home region of East Africa.

She saw this opportunity and took a leap.

She pressed in against the odds.

She focused, even with the juggling of family and other businesses.

She just went all out
She’s launching her African craft Subscription business today.

(side note….I  absolutely LOVE her box idea! Check it out!)

Did she complete the program. Yep.

Is she completely finished with all the small details? NO.

This business is ongoing and she has committed to it.

She went all in.. .launched it scrappy but launching is her focus.

But she invested in herself and trusted the process.

So now it’s your turn.

Doors close shortly for the August cohort of WAXBiB. Most of the spots allocated are filled. But I am opening for 3 more people to join.

Is that you?

See the link

And don’t worry if you need a payment plan i’ve got you.

4/6 month options are available just reply to this email and message me.

OR go ahead hit the link to pay in full or to access the 3 month plan

Whatever you do, you can do this… you’ve got this.

This is truly a no brainer as the next time I do offer this again the price WILL go up to 999GBP pay in full. PLUS similar programs that I have done myself cost 2500GBP! And they are not African focused.

So j you ready? Then let’s do this!

See the link

>>>click to apply NOW for WAXBiB and start with this next cohort→

So in a few week’s time, you can be like Comfort:

Together we will get your box up and ready to launch for October and in time for pre Christmas sales.

❈Here’s that link to save your spot again →

See you inside!
Your African Fashion Business Coach
Founding Director
Africa Fashion Guide Ltd



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