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January 16th, 2020


I had the joy of visiting a cotton farm in Burkina Faso west Africa two years ago and the year before I had the chance to offer training to small but mighty talented skilled fashion business during an event there.

This January a cotton ginnery is opening in Koudougou a state some hours outdoor of Burkina Faso’s main city Ouagadougou (don’t you love how these words just roll of your tongue!) a ginnery is the first stage to process the cotton to prepare it for weaving or spinning into cloth.

I saw the start of this ginnery and it is now opening! For cotton and agriculture lovers out there this is BIG! Knowing that over 95% of cotton grown in africa is exported and so a loss of value is lost to the continents countries and economies that having this Gin here is a great first step yet more mills and factories are needed to complete the process ON FIELD!

Did you know Without enough demand organic cotton farmers in West African countries have been forced to sell their cotton along with conventional cotton (ie cotton that uses pesticides)

Organic and Fairtrade cotton can be bought at a premium meaning the farmers get paid more but demand is needed.

Let me and my friend Tobias Meier a cotton specialist, explain more in my new video interview Fashion Africa Voice here:

Cotton expert Tobias Meier shares in my latest youtube video  about an amazing cotton project happening in Burkina Faso and highlights how cotton grown and processed locally positively affects the cotton farmers, the economy, through to your own fashion business. He also shares about an amazing cotton tee shirt project launching from this too of which we are supporting. Do get in touch for more information on this.

Partner with smallholder farmers in Burkina Faso

image – Gebana


The event called SICOT happening in Burkina Faso fro 30th-31st January is a continuation of a project launched two years ago of which I attended. They have said that the main objective of the Conference is to highlight the African cotton sector and make Burkina Faso, the African crossroads where the main concerns of the actors of the entire value chain of cotton and textile will be periodically discussed. More specifically, the SICOT aims to be an international platform for exchange and reflection, a platform for promoting African cotton through the presentation of modern production and conservation tools, the promotion of industrial processing, financing and marketing.

An amazing agenda and after visiting the last one I would personally recommend you attend too!

From 8am to 11am on Friday, the Organic Cotton Round Table will take place. The aim of the Regional OCRT is to identify the opportunities for growth in the organic and fairtrade cotton sector, and for developing manufacturing infrastructure and textile value chains in West Africa.

On Thursday, there will be the opening and inauguration of the new ginning mill in Koudougou, which will be dedicated mainly to the ginning of organic cotton. We are very excited about the finalization of this project that was supported by Catholic Relief Service in collaboration with UNPCB

In our youtube video interview (see here) Tobias also informs us of companies who work with local Burkinabe cotton and the importance of the local government being supportive of this. Do learn more about it and the development of this inspiring project and how strongly related and important it is to you building your own African fashion business on the ground.

To join this event do go to:



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