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March 9th, 2015

Africa Fashion Guide announces African Cotton Campaign Tee Sponsors – Mantisworld!! – Available to Buy at Fashion Africa Conf. 2015

We are extremely pleased to announce our Tee Shirt sponsors for our Fashion Africa Conference 2015. Mantisworld and its Founder Prama Bhardwaj have been active supporters of our work as have we been huge fans of theirs. Having visited their production site in Tanzania and seen their work we can validate them as a great source for African production and are proud to have this association with them.

We are huge supporters of African cotton and the farmers who grow and pick the cotton we feel responsible to raise awareness about them and promote Buy Africa when it comes to the cotton.

Africa Fashion Guide founder Jacqueline Shaw says,

“We are campaigning to raise awareness of African cotton and the challenges faced by cotton farmers around the continent, not only to create an interest in this textile but to encourage more trade. Through the use of fashion slogan tees, interviews, reports, videos, talks and more we aim to spread the word about the situation of African cotton in the textile market place and bring it to the forefront of the international fashion industry.”

The root and the rationale behind this campaign has been grounded by reports such as The Fairtrade Foundation report called ‘The Great Cotton Stitch-Up’. This highlighted complaints especially by cotton farmers from the developing C-4 countries (Cotton 4) – Mali, Burkina Faso, Chad and Benin – in regards to their struggles and the fact that subsidies that the EU and USA farmers receive that African farmers do not makes it difficult for them to compete internationally. One of the major problems is the value chain of African cotton and that this value is often lost due to the exporting of the raw cotton out of the continent.


Fashion Africa Conference – African Cotton Campaign Tee sponsors

Jacqueline explains

“This problem with the lack of subsidies received by African cotton farmers prevents them from competing well internationally. Cotton in many of these countries are the main source of trade and the main export. The importance is that there is the existence of quality cotton in Africa but just around 5% African grown cotton is actually processed in Africa. So the more that is grown and sewn on the continent the better for the textile supply chain and fashion industry in Africa”

Jacqueline and the AFG team highly support the growing promotion and support that the African fashion industry is gaining but are determined and focused on bringing to the industry the story behind the scenes. And to start with we are taking on the cotton industry in Africa and highlighting this.


Image – courtesy of Africa Fashion Week Los Angeles featuring Africa Fashion Guide African Cotton Campaign Tee.

We have developed this awareness campaign through interviews with cotton farmers, cotton specialists, reviews on cotton programs and in particular reviews and highlights from sustainable initiatives like our partner Cotton Made in Africa, the breakdown of projects in Africa which are using African cotton. We want to question why this topic is such a major issue and so through platforms such as our website, Jacqueline’s book Fashion Africa and our conferences we use this as an opportunity to speak with designers who are using African cotton and companies interested in sourcing from Africa for their collections and above all to also introduce to you these points via slogan tees.

 “We are extremely excited about this as we first launched this campaign when we worked alongside the Ubuntu International Project to showcase our slogan tees on their catwalk show during London Fashion Week. We then went on to promote our tees via catwalks during Africa Fashion Week Los Angeles and also Ghana Fashion and Design Week’ Jacqueline says. “The tees all looked great, the slogans are powerful, effective and they made an impact too”

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afg african cotton campaign tees nana1

We are firstly very happy to have the support and partnership of Mantisworld our tee shirt sponsors, and are equally excited and proud to announce our tees will be available for sale at our Fashion Africa Conference 2015 in both mens and womens sizes! So do make sure to register here so you can gain your opportunity to own a piece of organic African cotton by purchasing one of their slogan tees.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Fashion Africa Conference 2015!



(Model – Yemi Fatola and Rich Blk with thanks

Images courtesy – AO-Photography – with appreciations)



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