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September 9th, 2014

AFG celebrates our 3 year anniversary! – HAPPY BIRTHDAY

We are sssoooooo excited to be turning 3 today!

Can you believe it? From our humble start at the Africa Centre London on September 9th 2011 where we launched our website and I launched my self published book Fashion Africa (see the video on our Vimeo page here) Since then not only has Fashion Africa the book gone on to be published by amazing publication Jacaranda Books.

I am even more excited about our yearly conferences. From the amazing support, the guests and attendees and the top notch speakers consisting of designers, garment producers, textile experts, media and more! Each year it gets better and better. We have held our Fashion Africa conference at a different venue bringing together specialists from the Africa Fashion and the Ethical Fashion community. From London to Nairobi to Toronto to New York, to Ghana, Togo to Ethiopia we have held conferences and talks. This year, 2014 we brought it back to London (see our video here) and we will make our 2015 edition even greater as requested by the feedback from the attendees that we had.

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From a business perspective we do a lot of consultancy work with fashion companies and organisations on their sourcing and production in Africa as well as projects and events. From clients in Europe, USA and Africa in organisations like textile printers, tradefairs, schools, museums, designers, textile organisations, industry researchers, news and media publications and more we provide a service that is meeting a growing need. From an education point we have also presented our Africa Fashion workshops at schools and universities in various locations such as London, Ethiopia and Italy to name a few. Alongside this we launched our Fashion Africa Business (FAB) Workshops for new businesses who wish to set up production in Africa.

From being recognised by the Guardian newspaper, to Vogue Italia to Stylist Magazine, to interviews with various publications such as Monocle, FAB Magazine, BBC Africa, BBC Woman’s Hour, Arise TV, BenTV and more … Africa Fashion Guide has become a go-to site for all who wish to know more about the full supply chain of Africa’s textile industry.

When I envisioned AFG it was actually in 2009 when I started my masters in Ethical Fashion with a major in Africa’s textile industry. I had been working as a professional fashion designer for international fashion companies and felt a strong heartbeat in Africa. I was in love with the continent and adored the textiles that had a huge history in every weave and printmark. I felt that Africa and its’ textile industry was undervalued and unrecognised yet I saw the great potential and wished to do something about it. So I came up with the concept of Africa Fashion Guide with the focus to promote the African fashion and textile industry to the greater global textile industry.

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The website and organisation is a social enterprise that acts as a one stop shop and an information based platform for fashion professionals, students, retailers, magazines, bloggers and all those interested in African fashion and textiles as a way to promote this industry and bring links between African designers, craftspeople, manufacturers and textile designers with UK and EU fashion design companies and consumer markets, as well as with retailers worldwide.

Africa Fashion Guide has a focus to create an awareness campaign that promotes the full supply chain of the African fashion and textile industry with an ethical perspective and create links with the greater global textile industry.

We stand on our

Africa Fashion Guide Manifesto

1-To Support Economic Development in Africa
2-To Support the use of Ethical and Sustainable Textiles
3-To Strengthen Trade Relationships over just Aid
4-To Support Fairtrade Principles
5-To Encourage Discussion and Implement Action
6-To Build active Relationships between Large Fashion Organisations (designers, fashion schools, media) in UK/Europe and African Designers, Manufacturers, Textiles Suppliers, Artisans and Workshops

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Because of this we will be bringing some amazing projects for you next year. Do stay connected with us on 








and dont forget to sign up on our website for email subscription on our website so you don’t miss out on any hot stories in the industry.

Lastly I would like once more to thank our supporters, you our readers, our partners, our advisors and most importantly our contributors and volunteers whom without this we would never have reached 3 years old today.

We look forward to our 4th year and invite you to continue on this exciting journey with us…believe you, me…it will only get better AND bigger! We are bringing back our conference, our FAB Workshops, our consultancy work, our seminars but will be doing more partnership and collaborations and bringing our hot event of 2015! OOOOhhh we can’t wait to tell you all about it. I am uber excited but have promised the team that I will hold back until the optimum time but you will NOT want to miss out on this one.


3 is so significant for us – (okay so I am about to get all spiritual on you now … but…) 3 is the NUMBER OF DIVINE PERFECTION. 3 is about trinity – time, space and matter all comes in threes (time being past, present and future; matter being solid, liquid and gas for example) it has a significance – almost like a completion of an era and why I am looking forward to entering year 4 with even bigger things in store for you.

All I can say is that we are about WALKING the walk not just talking the talk and our aim is to make a difference, do something different and in order to see change in a growing in dustry on the continent that I personally love…then we believe in being the change that we want to see. So do keep supporting us and watch this space!

my ongoing appreciations…
Jacqueline Shaw


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