Africa Fashion Guide is the brainchild of Jacqueline Shaw a professional fashion designer, a visionary and an eco-entrepreneur with a big heart for Africa, Fashion and International Development.

Jacqueline concepted Africa Fashion Guide with the focus to promote the African fashion and textile industry to the greater global textile industry. It is a one stop shop for fashion professionals, students, retailers, magazines, bloggers and all those interested in African fashion and textiles as a way to promote this industry and bring links between African designers, craftspeople, manufacturers and texile designers with UK and EU fashion design companies and consumer markets, as well as with retailers worldwide.

AfricaFashionGuide is an information based platform for birthed with the focus to create an awareness campaign that promotes the full supply chain of the African fashion and textile industry with an ethical perspective and create links with the greater global textile industry.

Africa Fashion Guide Manifesto

1-To Support Economic Development in Africa
2-To Support the use of Ethical and Sustainable Textiles
3-To Strengthen Trade Relationships over just Aid
4-To Support Fairtrade Principles
5-To Encourage Discussion and Implement Action
6-To Build active Relationships between Large Fashion Organisations (designers, fashion schools, media) in UK/Europe and African Designers, Manufacturers, Textiles Suppliers, Artisans and Workshops

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The Africa Fashion Guide African Fashion Consultancy is a business consultancy enabling you to have the 1-2-1 support to help grow your business and put in strategies specific to the market that will direct yuo towards success
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Africa Fashion Guide is supported by various partners and through these contacts AFG will continue to attend various fashion and textiles events in Africa and will be launching their own workshops too. See more who our AFG Partners are.

This Africa Fashion Guide website gives you up to date information and news on all aspects of the full supply chain of the African fashion and textiles industry.

Africa Fashion Guide launched in September 2011 along with a coffee table style contemporary fashion book entitled ‘Fashion Africa’ which you can buy here.

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