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May 12th, 2015

A Morris-inspired Photographic Exhibition By YINKA SHONIBARE

The Gallery’s first major commission: a Morris-inspired photographic exhibition by Turner Prize nominee Yinka Shonibare MBE. The British Nigerian artist has recreated The William Morris Family Album with Waltham Forest residents using photographs of Morris’s family from the Gallery’s collection. The models are clothed in Victorian costumes, refashioned from “African” batik fabric created especially for the project. The thought-provoking work encourages viewers to reflect on the realities of equality in both Morris’s time and our own. The undeniably powerful work communicates  a message many have never heard of or intensely thought about before.

Morris is a natural subject for Shonibare, whose interest in the Victorian Age, imperialism and the global textile trade has informed much of his work. Inspired by his visits to the Gallery, Shonibare worked with curators to explore Morris’s ideas and the wider social context of Waltham Forest.

The free exhibition, which runs until June the 7th in London, will be accompanied by an extensive education and events programme.

For more information visit:

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