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January 6th, 2015

BLKKANGAROO – African Inspired Streetwear Fashion Jumping into 2015 – DESIGNER

This Toronto based brand has been on our radar for a good while now and on receiving their latest lookbook were pleasantly surprised, especially by the may we say…rather “DOPE” sandals (gotta add them to our spring 2015 shopping list!). Blkkangaroo is a fresh take on the African aesthetic. It’s about the colour, texture and vibrancy of an ever-evolving people. They bring together ideas and perspectives from a shared history of movement. Overall we believe that their Africa-inspired ethos with their designer edge brings a freshness to streetwear fashion. So we reached out to them to tell us a bit more.

Here is our conversation and do check out the images from the upcoming collection.

AFG: Tell us a bit about your background and the history behind your label? 

BLKKANGAROO started in the summer of 2012. Me and a friend headed to Afropunk and were hustling our, now iconic, “if found return to the Motherland t-shirts” from our backpacks. We had a blast – danced, drank, saw some amazing acts, met some amazing people and sold a bunch of tees. Two years later and BLKKANGAROO has evolved into a collective of 3 gorgeous multi-talented African boys – Emmanuel Obayemi, art director; Nick Bahizi, fashion director; and myself, Mr. Bring-it-all-together. It all happens rather organically. We get together. We catch up on African pop-culture, watch Nollywood clips, laugh 80% of the time and get down to work the other 20%. The brand’s ethos is very much like our personalities – it’s fun, easy-going and true to our heritage.

AFG: What inspires your designs in general and what was the inspiration behind the Blkkmarket collection? 

The brand draws inspiration from several different places  – we have an internal metaphor called the BLKKANGAROO express, a yellow danfo bus that starts off in Lagos (Nigeria) and makes stops in Brixton (UK), Brooklyn (USA), Kingston (Jamaica) and Bahia (Brazil). We’re fascinated by the cultural exchange, dialogue, style and the very diversity of the people that would be on this this imaginary bus.

The BLKKMARKET collection has everything to do with my trip to Lagos and Accra last year. I noticed that people were almost always transporting something to be sold – on their heads, on the back of an Okada, in a jerry can, in the ubiquitous BAGCO super sac or the iconic tartan print “Ghana must go” bags. Africans are the world’s most resourceful people. We are always on the go, commerce is always on our minds, and BLKKMARKET is our homage to that.



AFG: Why the name Blkkkangaroo? 

We didn’t want to over think it so we had a couple of drinks, made two separate lists and picked a word from each list – we ended up with BLACK and KANGAROO but decided to stylise it as BLKKANGAROO. We thought it rolled off the tongue quite nicely

AFG: How would you describe the Blkkkangaroo man/woman? 

Colourful, laidback, eclectic, modern

AFG: Any celeb clients/fans so far? 

A little birdie told me Solange is in possession of our Mile 12 coral bead t-shirt. Fingers crossed she’ll wear it publicly.

AFG: And who would you like to dress in the future? 

Women: Solange, Shala Monroque, Oroma Elewa, Amy Sall

Men: Andre 3000, Louis Philippe de Gagoue, FOKN BOIS

AFG: Where can fans buy your designs? 

A limited run of our spring/ summer 2015 collection is available on BLKKANGAROO.COM – we wanted customers already in warmer climates to have access right away.

AFG: Where are your garments produced?

The current collection is entirely made in Toronto.














For more information see their website:



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