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December 29th, 2019

6 Reasons Why “Travel Africa” in 2020 is KEY to Grow Your Fashion Business

Right now it’s the final Sunday of 2019 and we enter a new decade and I have new emails for my newsletter list on this series of Source Sundays focused on sourcing textiles, country insights and more video interviews.

But today I want to lead you to my youtube video where I break down the six top reasons why you should add travel to Africa to your 2020 business strategy.

But a quickie… as our F.A.S.T Ghana payment plans ends on December 31st and I know many have shown interest to join and sign up to our Fashion Africa Sourcing Trip to Ghana or to Kenya in 2020 . Because I believe that this will be the ultimate move you can make in 2020 I have decided to remind you to get in touch or go straight to the links above and register with your deposit.

Now back to this blog topic on travel africa where we look at an area which gives you flexibility in doing business in Africa.

In the video I cover 5 great and relevant reasons(go and check out the video) and in this blog I want to share >>>>>the sixth reason – is that you CAN DEVELOP NEW IDEAS!

As you may know I have worked in the fashion industry for nearly 20 years now as an industry design professional. During this career one of the actions us Designers would take would be to visit our manufacturers in Asia and Europe each season. We would bring a presentation of ideas, sketches, samples, trims, fabrics. colours – basically our mood concept and theme boards.

I recall whilst working as a Swimwear Designer I was developing a rubberised cord end for my bikini top designs instead of using the standard metal cord ends I wanted something that had texture, newness and freshness. I brought this trim to my suppliers and they sourced and replicated it. BUT note that I explained the differences i wanted it to have, the reasons why based on my theme and mood board and how it sat together with the actual design story.

Just one of my designs from a bigger collection.

Another time as a Sportswear Designer, I recall seeing a sample in a top end boutique and it had a specialised print finish. Something I had never seen before. I took this to the factory on our next visit to Asia and they literally were able to replicate the technique.

Travelling to meet the supplier, like I did in Asia and Europe in my career, you get to see up close what they are doing. They are always trying out new developments and you can see these up front and add your two cents worth of ideas to theirs.

As you go you build strong relationships with them as you get to see what they can do their skillsets and their limitations you will see exactly what new things are happening on the ground there and ultimately learn more about their work which will help you as you bring your own ideas to them.

This can also help you decide if this supplier is actually right for you for your long term goals and your business growth!

Maybe by going you can then visit other suppliers who can spread the load of the work or add a new skillset to the ones you are presently working with and visiting. (photo of me on our last F.A.S.Trip Ghana 2019 visiting the bead makers)

This is why I share with you and have opened up the opportunity for you to join our sourcing trips to Africa.

Right now I am sure that you too are feeling the FOMO from seeing your friends living it up at Afrochella and Afronations in Ghana right now…rocking it with the celebs…. I could reel off a whole plethora of names right now… it is UNREAL how many celebs have travelled to Ghana this year alone!

Truth is you can continue to watch from the sidelines of “what ifs” and sit watching from the fence of “when I am ready” OR you can make a decision – say screw it lets do it.

Or instead you could REFUSE to settle for a life that is less than you are capable of living.

You can also stay in mediocre land OR instead move into your purpose and live the life you were born to live.

Doing the thing you love doing.

When you do business in Africa AND travel to Africa to Meet Your Manufacturer, you will ultimately Shift Your Supply to Africa and ultimately bring trade thus impact to those you work with.

If you haven’t yet do watch my youtube video (link left or in image below) where I give an overview of the full 6 reasons why travel to Africa is an absolute business must and why you should add this as a business strategy for 2020

If you are keen to find out all six reasons at once then do jump over to my youtube video

OH AND DO NOT FORGET TO “subscribe” once there too – click link in image below.


ON our trips to Africa with F.A.S.T we sit with government officials who explain local trade policies, systems, ways of doing business locally and you can explore the impact opportunities that you can make in that country.

I am passionate about this as I know that travel to Africa brings results and understanding this will make it easier for you to put in a strategy in your 1-2 year business plan that involves travel to Africa.

So let me ask you again have you yet travelled to Africa to meet your manufacturers??

If not, how much has it cost you so far not to go there and to set up business there?

Now tell me HOW MUCH WILL IT COST YOU **NOT** to join F.A.S.T Ghana or Kenya next year?

You see to NOT join our Fashion Africa Sourcing Trips means firstly a cost of your time sourcing, seeking, searching, internet hunting, attending events, travelling alone to places to find suppliers when you could just meet the best of the best in one place over five days that has been set up and curated just for you. With suppliers who are ready and waiting for you and expecting you because they know you are visiting with a valid organisation, and ones who are available to do business with you.

Seriously if I could put a dollar next to every time a new client comes on board to work with me or I hear at an event, or on a call, that the Entreprenuer WISHED they had met me a year or so ago as they have now wasted so much money on a dodgy manufacturer – basically yep … the 1:1 tailor by the roadside and it has cost them money as they have to do that collection all over again…Trust me I’d have a seven figure business by now!

When you travel to Africa you get to not only meet suppliers face to face and establish and build a relationship with them. If you’re planning to build a fashion business in Africa without travelling there within the first 1-2 years you could be opening yourself  to trouble.

These trips are THE place to gain a perfect understanding of how your manufacturer works and there is a seat on our coach for you – Ghana or Kenya… you choose!

You will gain qualified experienced connections, suppliers and a quality industry network that will help you cut time save money and to stop losing your mind over badly made product.

BUT the registration is not open forever.

Jump on it

You are not meant to figure things out in your own. I’m here to guide you.

Go F.A.S.T with us

Payment plan and details in Link here:

Or maybe you are a little lost to which country is best for you and you prefer to speak with me first? Then comment to this blog, or send me a message at events @ and let’s talk.

Remember the window of business opportunity in Africa is closing more and more. So make this Year of Return the year you got off the fence.


Are you in?

Hit comments and let me know your thoughts.

I encourage you to make 2020 YOUR AFRICAN DECADE and prepare and build your business in 2020.

With love from Africa
Jacqueline Shaw

Your African Fashion Business Coach
Founding Director – Africa Fashion Guide Ltd




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