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April 18th, 2012

46664 celebrates its first birthday and launches winter collection

For some this is just a number, if you happen to be in South Africa it is not just a number but a very special number that spells freedom or rather former president Nelson Mandela’s holding cell number in Robben Ireland during apartheid. But with fashion becoming one of the fastest growing industries in South Africa,  46664 has become rather a symbol of fashion since its launch last year and it symbolizes freedom to express self with clothes. It screams nothing but sophistication, fun and most importantly style.

46664 fashion which was created in March 2011 as part of a move towards increased sustainability and self-sufficiency has already seen major success including its catwalk debut at the South African Fashion Week (SAFW) last September for the Autumn/Winter fall collection. Other important milestones include securing a major premium retailer in the form of Stuttafords and the creation of 46664 store-in-stores into Stuttafords late August the very same year.

“When we started the 46664 Fashion, we always set out to create a global brand, a brand that originates in South Africa but is globally successful and our international deals are testament to the fact that we have just done that. We always believed that we had a great brand concept and an amazing product to offer. That is now no longer a dream but soon to be reality” Wayne Bebb, CEO of Brand ID.

It has also reached more than 100 independent retailers across the country, Stuttafords Southern Africa stores including Botswana and Namibia as well as opening of online 46664 fashion store for trading in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland and several other territories. It is also in the final stages of three International licensing agreements due to be signed. These are with brand partners in the USA and Canada, North West Europe, and Portugal, South America, Angola and Mozambique.

“We are very excited to about the partnership that we have in place with companies that are committed to the brand development of 46664 fashion as we are” said Bebb

To celebrate its first year birthday, the label pays tribute to former president Nelson Mandela‘s passion for boxing with a range that delivers nothing short of a knockout fashion punch. The 46664 Fashion Winter collection 2012 sees the core collection of the fashion design team headed by Chris Vogelpoel and Barbara Tosalli deliver a spirited range that is high on color and energy which also carries plenty of the brand’s now signature details that talk to both its African roots and humanitarian work.

Nelson Mandela 46664fashion AW12 collection

Nelson Mandela 46664fashion AW12 collection

Nelson Mandela 46664fashion AW12 collection

Nelson Mandela 46664fashion AW12 collection

Nelson Mandela 46664fashion AW12 collection

Nelson Mandela 466664fashion AW12 collectionNelson Mandela 466664fashion AW12 collection

Nelson Mandela 46664fashion AW12 collection

The latest range from the social impact brand is complemented by a number of eye-catching and thought provoking statement t-shirts by 46664 fashion design team member Craig Native. These wearable Ts help express the values that are key to Madiba’s humanitarian legacy that raises funds for the 46664 organization which was founded by the former statesman himself.

Nelson Mandela 46664fashion AW12 collection

A bold addition to the 46664 fashion’s winter 2012 range includes snappy, zipper track tops and fleece hoodies which both feature strong colors and electric detail. Custom Chinos in stone, navy and tobacco as well as denim jeans with colored studs and rivets and sheshwe pocketing and waistband lining complement the range offering. “winter 2012 is hinged around our bold and colorful shirts which feature contrast styling details. We have also extended our golfers into more color blocking and featuring new details to discover” explains Vogelpoen.

A striking feature of the menswear range is the knitwear which includes bold striped cardigans, comfort fit cardigans in purple and orange and cable button through with full contrast. The womenswear range is built around rich, soulful tones and textures, an inspiration mix of gold, strawberry chartreuse, cerise, grape and apple green resulting in a spirited color palette that is ideal for both day and evening wear. “We also have African inspired prints and vivid patterns that are softened by sultry lines and flowing” says Tosalli. In the assortment you will find skinny jeans which can be effortlessly paired with bright blazer and printed blouses and as well as 46664 fashion’s now signature wrap and fashionable cocktail dresses.

With more eye-catching, 46664 fashion sneakers on the shelves as well as bright Sotho inspired shweshwe and bold print hats there is every reason to embrace a collection inspired by the spirit and liveliness Mandela showed as he did battle both in the ring and in his pursuit of justice and equality for all.

This collection truly does some up what Nelson Mandela says “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear but the triumph over it” A true lesson we can all learn.

Read up more here and see the full collection:

Author: South Africa Contributor – Tshepy Matloga



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