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February 3rd, 2017

NEW! African Designers Fashion Award – APPLY NOW! for the ASEF & Sustainable Fashion Programme

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On December 3rd 2016 Prospero World in partnership with Arts Global and Roger Hammond Memorial Trust Fund (RHMTF) launched the African Social Enterprise Fund (ASEF) at Sotheby’s, London. The ASEF aims to support entrepreneurs in creative industries with high growth potential in Africa, to become socially minded entrepreneurs. The

We are happy to partner with Prospero World in bringing this Fashion Award to fruition and supporting the ASEF’s flagship Sustainable Fashion Programme in supporting an outstanding African designer to grow a sustainable fashion business.

For further information and to receive an application form to apply, please contact Agata Sivokhin:

The Textile and Manufacturing industry has an enormous potential and is expected to thrive in Africa in the coming decade. The fashion industry is directly related to the Textile and Manufacturing industry, which creates opportunity for Africa to have a larger presence as a global contributor to the fashion industry. Supporting and training African designers to build sustainable, social and environmentally – minded business models will enable them to display their resources and talents; attracting more business and increasing the continent’s economy, which is crucial for its prosperity.

The award provides the following to the winner:

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WYSE: International Leadership Programme

Duration: 12 days residential programme, Italy Mission: To empower emerging leaders in their communities to make their world, and the wider world – a fairer, more sustainable and peaceful place. Flights, Accommodation and full board is covered by the ASEF.


Short Courses on Sustainable Fashion

Taking place at Central Saint Martins, the winner will undergo either the CSM Sustainable Fashion course for one week (excluding accommodation).  This course will give students a broad overview of the fashion industry, from textile fibre production to the globalisation of fast fashion from a sustainability point of view.

Or the choice of Central Saint Martins Ethical and Sustainable Practice in Fashion course. Also for one week (excluding accommodation). Students will explore the possibilities of sustainable and ethical practices in fashion through the way we design, produce and consume clothes. They will discuss what impact we have through our choices and look at values and quality in contemporary fashion items.


Internship, Coaching & Events

Hands-on experience is an important part of the Social Impact Programme. Prospero World will match the participant with an established enterprise with sustainable business practice, best suited to the participant’s area of focus. u The participants will be offered mentoring and coaching support throughout the programme. u The participants will be invited to events and conferences in London that focus on sustainable fashion. Also with the opportunity to attend the Africa Fashion Guide annual conference on ethical fashion in Africa called the Fashion Africa Conference.


Product Development and Financial Support

Alongside all the above the award winner will receive key support for product development as well as financial support. Candidates for the Sustainable Fashion Programme can apply for£3000 financial support to spend on design or sustainable production, but successful applicants will need to present the outcome of their work to the panel of experts at the end of the programme. To measure this Prospero World will conduct an impact measurement report to present to their donors.


Application Criteria

To qualify for the interview round we ask candidates to send us:
  • CV
  • Completed Application Form
  • Cover Letter or Introduction with links/images of their existing African fashion projects

Please also note the minimum requirements for the candidates:

  • African origin, experience living and working in African markets
  • Under 36 years old
  • 3 years minimum experience in African Fashion
  • Has visa and accommodation in the UK
  • Available for the leadership programme in Italy 23/07/2017-3/08/2017
  • Able to travel/get visa to Italy

So don’t delay apply today

For further information and to receive an application form to apply, please contact Agata Sivokhin:


We look forward to receiving your application.

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About the organisers:

Prospero World is a UK registered charity (1163952) committed to promoting positive social change through community-based activity and public education. We conduct in-depth research to identify outstanding charitable projects for support. Our field investigations have taken us throughout Europe, Africa, India, South East Asia and the Middle East. Our mission is to convene thought leaders, social innovators and philanthropists, to inspire debate and identify and leverage funding for tangible solutions to poverty and inequality. website

Africa Fashion Guide is a social enterprise supporting and promoting the full supply chain of Africa’s fashion and textile supply chain with a focus on sustainability. Our programs include our online platform, our Fashion Africa Business Workshops (online) our annual Fashion Africa Conference, (register for our May 2017 edition here: Also our new intimate events Fashion Africa Voices, our trade expo Fashion Africa Trade Expo and our new programme our mission trips for business to Africa called Fashion Africa Sourcing Trips (register here:



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