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July 14th, 2015


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The KFW Team in association with LDJ Productions (NYC) and Silk events (KLA), are excited for the 2nd annual Kampala Fashion Week. KFW continues it’s message of creating, inspiring and motivating the virtues of artistry from talent grown and nurtured in the city and international creatives. They are striving to create sustainable growth and staying-power for younger brands, as well as older ones.

They support creative ambition and how it can lead business ambition, putting paid to the old idea that the two are impossible to reconcile. The talents amongst them are blazing ahead and building what the industry can call a “new establishment.” As there are designers who have struggled to translate their design talent to balancing the books. “A great bottom line is not just about hemlines, Fashion is serious business.” – Nathalie Massenet (Chairman British Fashion Council)

Kampala Fashion Week supports a quality and quantity controlled industry that can emerge and thrive from the global billion dollar fashion industry. Allowing creative minds to prosper and have sustainable business and job opportunities for the youth of Uganda. KFW is an organisation created to guide and provide a educational institute supported by UFC (Ugandan Fashion Council), on both the creative and business aspect of the fashion industry. This will be intiated through the KFW Seminars that happen once a month starting from July 2015 till November 2015.

KFW Founder: Gloria Wavamunno “Fashion is one of Uganda’s most vibrant and creative industries, so I am thrilled for this year’s edition of #Klafw 2015 in collaboration with LDJ Productions. The partnership with LDJ Productions which focuses on facilitating a cultural and educational exchange, therefore fulfills is their ambition to work with local partners to bring people together, create opportunities, develop local talents and thereby support the Uganda fashion industry. This event is therefore, both a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the strengths of the most exiting Ugandan fashion designers and East African designers to showcase their talent to the world. I wish everyone taking part in #Klafw 2015 all the best for a very successful event.”

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