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Journey via Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya to Burundi – Sustainable Wearable Art -

We have been trying to present this awesome lady and her business to you for a while. What makes her special to us is not that she has been contributor to Africa Fashion Guide since we launched in 2011 but her amazing tenacity ...
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Toubab Paris – Wax Print Jewellery

Entirely hand-made in France, these creations “bring together objects, travel treasures, and symbols challenging our imagination.  Through its poetry, each colorful jewel becomes a talisman.” This is how the jewel...
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Actress Rosario Dawson and Luxury Fashion Expert Abrima Erwiah of Studio189 and Fashion Rising explain how they use Fashion for Social Change

Having met with Abrima Erwiah (A) over dinner in a restaurant in Accra, Ghana during the launch of Ghana Fashion Week 2012 where AFG were media support and ethical fashion support, it was quite encouraging to hear this year abo...
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Pichulik’s Woven Jewellery Ropes In Success With The Newly Released AW/13 Collection

The creative force & designer behind the extraordinary jewellery line Pichulik releases her new AW/13 collection. Katherine- Mary Pichulik from Cape Town South Africa founded the accessory brand in 2012, which is known f...
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Mikuti - Ceres Bangle 2013 collection

Mikuti is launching a new collection of Bangles for 2013 – The Ceres Bangle

Designer and founder Erika Freund launched Mikuti in 2009, while she had been attending graduate school at New York University. At the time she was studying social work, but was very interested in economic development, so she t...
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Tanzanian and Nigerian Designers Showcased at British Council International Fashion Showcase

A few weeks ago we headed down to the Tanzanian embassy curated by Samson Soboye of the eponymous London store Soboye to check out the designers there before heading over to the Style House Files Woven Threads Nigerian designer...
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