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Africa Fashion Guide African Cotton Tee Campaign - 2012 - Image copyright AO-Photography for Africa Fashion Guide

Africa Fashion Guide and Ubuntu International Project bring African Cotton to London Fashion Week.

This Valentines Day Social Enterprise Africa Fashion Guide (AFG) launched their African cotton campaign. Entitled ‘Love From Africa’ the campaign took the catwalk by storm as they launched during London Fashion Week...
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Gambia - Weaving - image copyright Africa Fashion Guide

The Gambia – An Unexpected Textile Hub – Country PROFILE

In December 2011, I visited the Gambia for the first time along with AFG Guest Contributor Donalea Scott of GetAPerspective blog. And I was highly open minded, very expectant and excited too. I profess to be having a growing lo...
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Fashion Africa – Business Analysis – Jewel by Lisa

Cynthia Anduhtabe is a branding, marketing and communications consultant, as well as running her own blog Fah-schyon Cynthia will be a guest contributor for Africa Fashion Guide to bring you an in-depth analysis of Africa fash...
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image courtesy - Babtunde Styles

Babatunde: Accessories to extinguish those Winter Blues

We all know that in the Winter months we like to retreat to those familiar shades of blacks, greys and navy blues. Well, here’s a man whose hats and umbrellas will surely add a spot of colour into the dullest of outfits. Gare...
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Fashion Africa – Business Analysis – Sika Designs

It’s that time of the month again when our branding, marketing and communications consultant Cynthia Anduhtabe gives us her analysis of African fashion brands from a business and marketing perspective. This month we feat...
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Germaine's Bags - image courtesy Kharumwa Photography

Germaine’s Bags – Recycling for Rwanda – DESIGNER PROFILE

Twenty-two year old Germaine Dusenge is a Rwandan who loves her country. At first glance, she appears quite shy, yet, within minutes of our first meeting, as we set about to speak about her work, she begins to exude confidence....
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Loza Maléombho SS16 “Z A O U L I ” at Lagos Fashion and Design Week.

Loza Maléombho‘s SS16 collection is inspired by a Guro princess called Djela Lou Zaouli from the Guro tribe in northern Côte d’Ivoire. It explores the aesthetic of Zaouli dancers with fringe trimmings, bright colors a...
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The End of the Kenyan ‘Mitumbas’? – SECONDHAND CLOTHING

We came across this article that we feel would create some interesting debates so had to reblog it. What are your thoughts?   For those who don’t have a lot of money to splurge on expensive clothes and shoes, they always...
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This past Saturday on the 23rd of March, I took part in the Puma Creative Factory CO-LAB. It was really awesome because it happened to coincide with Earth Hour Day. The event took place at The Grove in South Point, Braamfontein...
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AAKS Designs – Ethically Made in Ghana Fashion Brand bringing a new AfroLuxe Appeal to Raffia

Having met Akosua at previous African fashion events in London I was intrigued by her brand and the product she was making in her home country Ghana. My natural love of the Gold Coast region drew me to learn more about her work...
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Vote for us! Africa Fashion Guide for Ethical Fashion Africa Source Awards: The Global Awards for Sustainable Fashion

Hey there! We are extremely excited about this! And we are asking for your support. We would like your support by voting for us for the Ethical Fashion Africa award see below. DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: TUESDAY 31ST JULY 2012...
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