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January 19th, 2013

Can Fashion save wildlife? Wildlife Works is on a Mission to do just so! – BRAND PROFILE

Wildlife Works SS13 collection

Wildlife Works is a lifestyle brand advancing economic and social solutions in communities where wildlife survival is threatened. Wildlife Works’ mission is to harness the power of the global consumer to create innovative and sustainable solutions for wildlife conservation.

They act through Consumer Powered Conservation. Buying from them saves wildlife. How? Making their products creates and sustains fulltime jobs in areas where poaching and slash and burn agriculture are the only traditional sources of income. The more you buy, the more sustainable jobs they can create for these rural areas in need.

They have an amazing eco factory that creates high quality lifestyle products that range from fashion and accessories for men, women, children, home and garden to carbon offset credits tied to industry respected conservation projects. I had the opportunity to visit their factory and grounds in October and fell in love with the place it surely is an admirable and enviable business. The team are so connected to nature and you just cant help but want to be part of it. Wildlife Works’ EcoFactory (carbon neutral, of course) itself now employs over 50 local women and 5 local men who make their organic cotton fashion collection and other sustainable private label lines.

Wildlife Works SS13 collection

Wildlife Works was founded in 1997 by the visionary Mike Korchinsky. Mike’s first holiday to Kenya over 15 years ago launched him into a lifetime’s work to save the country’s wildlife. He saw a cycle of violence between the rangers, poachers and wildlife that prevented any chance for long-term, sustainable solutions for the communities at stake.
Currently, over 500,000 acres of land in the Kasigau Corridor area is under Wildlife Works’ protection and over 150 jobs have been provided, making Wildlife Works the largest job provider in the area of 45,000 residents.
Mike is constantly traveling the world to identify areas where the Wildlife Works model can be duplicated under the REDD+ (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) model, a UN-supported carbon credit marketplace which channels the carbon offset proceeds from developed countries’ purchases towards preventing deforestation in developing countries. Their conservation projects create carbon offset credits sold to consumers and socially responsible companies through their carbon offset credit wholesale partners. They call it Consumer Powered Conservationsm.

When you buy a Wildlife Works product, you become an agent for conservation. You’re wearing the brand that says you won’t sit quietly  while the last wild things in the last wild places disappear forever.

The jobs they create to make their products, and the money they invest into forest communities has a direct impact on saving endangered and threatened wildlife around the globe. This flagship wilderness project now employs over 300 employees that include rangers, land managers, seamstresses and greenhouse workers, all hired locally.

These jobs have radically changed the way the local community views wildlife. Before Wildlife Works, they saw wildlife as either bush meat or money. They were poaching, clear-cutting and rapidly destroying their natural environment.

With Wildlife Works, they can earn enough to feed their families and send their children to school without killing wildlife or destroying their environment. The wildlife has become an asset to them worth much more alive than dead. The poaching has stopped and the animals are returning.

And that is the story of how Fashion saved Wildlife

See a sneak preview of their SS13 collection below. We are loving the tone on tone graphic prints and those leggings are definitely one to own. Have a look and let us know your favourite pieces from their latest collection.

Wildlife Works SS13 collection

Wildlife Works SS13 collection

Wildlife Works SS13 collection

Learn more about them at 


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