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June 15th, 2012

FAFA Emerging Designer Competition celebrates Up-and-Coming Creative Talent in Africa.

FAFA kenya website

The finalists from this year’s Emerging Designer competition will be previewing their exciting new collections this saturday during the FAFA Insight showcase .

FAFA Insight will be held on the 30th June 2012 and it promises to be a lively and competitive event which will culminate with one lucky creative enthusiast being crowned FAFA 2012 Emerging Designer. They will also have the chance to join Africa’s established designers and showcase their collection during FAFA’s Fashion for Peace gala event this November.

The Festival for African Fashion and Arts (FAFA) was set-up in 2008 during the post-election violence, which took place in Kenya. As many countries throughout the region continue to know human rights abuse, civil unrest and war, FAFA main and key aim is to change perceptions of other communities one mind at a time by exploring and bridging cultures through fashion, art and music.

FAFA seeks to stimulate the fashion industry by inspiring youth to develop their talent. In order to achieve this, FAFA has conceptualised a series of workshops in the last three years aimed at putting aspiring designers in touch with international fashion professionals in order to stimulate debate amongst industry players, raise the quality of what is produced, and build knowledge of African talent within the continent and abroad.

image courtesy FAFA

Since its inception and every year since, FAFA has drawn the much-needed attention to the immense creativity and sophistication of the arts in Kenya and on the African continent, while also portraying the wonderful richness that exists in cultural diversity. FAFA also looks at promoting ethical fashion, which happens to be one of the fastest growing trends within the global fashion industry. It involves key areas such as recycling, sourcing organic materials, applying fair trade principles and packaging them in a fashionable product which consumers want to buy. Following decades of mass production, wastefulness and unfair treatment of workers, consumers around the world are looking at ethics and sustainability as key components of the products they choose to buy. In this sense, FAFA provides a very real entry point for designers on the African continent to be taken seriously.

The fashion and textile industry in Kenya remains a largely untapped market, which, if properly developed, can become a viable economic sector generating employment and contributing considerably to Kenya’s economic development. Media support of FAFA has been instrumental in shattering negative stereotypes, which continue to afflict the African continent.

‘People don’t fully understand how much culture resides on this continent and media plays an integral role in conveying this. Africa is rich in craftsmanship that holds symbolic and historical value. In media, every story we tell goes towards shaping who we are and who we become. Communication is key in shaping our future as global citizens’ says Patricia Amira, pan-African media personality.

This event offers the ideal opportunity to bring Kenyan fashion designers closer to the public. We need to encourage such initiatives to build a strong fashion industry which can provide thousands of jobs in both rural and urban areas says Ann McCreath (FAFA Chairperson)

FAFA, Festival for Fashion and Arts, organises Fashion for Peace which is focused on bringing together established and emerging African fashion magnates from across the continent. The anticipated 4th edition will be held in Nairobi on the 17th November 2012. Fashion is the ultimate expression of all that is beautiful, creative and glamorous and FAFA is a great opportunity for Africa’s promising fashion brands to connect with key contributors of the global fashion industry.

Visit the FAFA website for more information: or join the FAFA fan page on Facebook.


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