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December 28th, 2011

African Fashion Scarves for the Winter Months

Madam wokie scarves

We have noticed a movement within African fashion to include accessories and in particular scarves and not just for the winter season.

We have spotted a few that we really love and wished to highlight to you as you prepare to wrap up for the winter months. Feeling a wee bit chilly don’t you think … especially in London town!

What we love about our selection is that all these are truly African sourced and produced. We 100% support this movement. SO without delay, here are our top 5 ‘African’ scarves (in no particular order) by 5 great contemporary African fashion brands.

Africa Fashion Guide TOP 5 African Scarves


We did a feature on this brand CHOOLIPS showing how they have utilised their statement batik prints made in Ghana, into producing bright beautiful scarves for AW2011. These are great buys with a big variety or colours and styles to choose from. Also shows how the label is growing into other product categories.

Choolips image – AW2011 – Tropical Amazon / Scarf
Choolips image – AW2011 -Tropical Blush / Scarf
Choolips image – AW2011 -gold beans / Scarf




A brand set up by supermodel, actress and philanthropist Liya Kebede who was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. As well as recognising the importance of fair trade, Liya also has an appreciation as well as the utmost respect for the art of traditional weaving, which inspired her ethical clothing brand Lemlem. She brings this into her product and most notoriously for her scarves.

LEMLEM-Liya-Kebede 2011
LEMLEM-Liya-Kebede 2011


One Mango Tree

One Mango Tree uses a fair trade model to provide  income generating opportunities for women in impoverished and conflict-ridden areas of the globe. And their first project is now well underway in Northern Uganda. Their scarves are hand-loomed by a group of skilled artisan weavers at Wawoto Kacel Cooperative Society in Northern Uganda made from 100% cotton.

scarf_red_ – image courtesy one mango tree
Scarf_sunset – image courtesy one mango tree
Scarf_wheat – image courtesy one mango tree


Edun are known to produce a majority of product in Africa including their tee product live EdunLive. Now Edun have recently launched their scarf entitled the “Rainer Maria Rilke” Poem Scarf. Through October all proceeds from the sale of the Poem Scarf, made in Uganda, will be donated to Concern Worldwide US to support Horn of Africa drought relief efforts.

edun poem scarf
Edun Rainer Maria Rilke Poem Scarf
Edun poem scarf FW11



Madam Wokie

This is a new label we are extremely excited about here at AfricaFashionGuide. They are always seeking new ways to expand their product range. Known for using handloom woven fabric they have now produced a few scarves that will be available for sale soon. We at Africa Fashion Guide cannot wait to get our hands on these! The scarves were all handmade from their local Sierra Leonean country cloth and are available in a vast array of colours and patterns. Team Madam Wokie keep us posted as we ♥ your scarves and your clothes!
image courtesy of Madam Wokie

image courtesy of Madam Wokie

Check out their blog and website for more info and to be updated! We sure will be!
Can you recommend any other African brands with great African made scarves? We would love to hear about them. Email us at with your suggestions OR put a comment. We love your thoughts.
Author: Jacqueline Shaw


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